Weekly Roundup #5

Welcome to Weekly Roundup #5, where we give a summary of the latest additions to our “Frosted Beats” Spotify Playlist. Updated every weekend, it is the ultimate curation of the coldest sounds from Ireland. Make sure to give it a follow to stay up to date.

BackPackBlu X SoulSosa X UD – Symon Sais

Genre: Hip-Hop
County: Dublin
Frosted Fact: This track brings something different. The meaningful lyrics challenge you to question yourself, “What would you do for the cheque?”. The smooth delivery and catchy hook make it impossible not to bop along, leaving us wanting more. Luckily, the trio are gearing up to release a collaborative EP soon, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime though, kick back, relax and give it a listen. 
Instagram: @blualmighty, @soulsosa_ & @_nwike_

Hare Squead – Minor Gangsters (Gully)

Genre: Hip-Hop
County: Dublin
Frosted Fact: Hare Squead are well and truly back as the duo have announced their first ever tour, which is named after this song. It will see them travel across Europe to Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, London and of course, Dublin. Tickets are available now, so go cop one and show some support! Ireland on the map.
Instagram: @haresquead

JyellowL X MAC IRV – No Rivals

Genre: Hip-Hop
County: Dublin / Minneapolis
Frosted Fact: JyellowL possesses a degree in politics from UCD. This educational background leaks through in his music as he explores important social subject matters that impact the youth. For example, his single “Tek Time” discusses the glorification of crime. With “No Rivals”, he addresses the toxicity of “clout chasing” and comparison whilst promoting the healthier mindset of seeing yourself as your only competitor.
Instagram: @jyellowl & @macirv

Ben O’Sullivan – Little Birds

Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop|
County: Kilkenny
Frosted Fact: Ben is an exciting newcomer to the scene, having only officially released two tracks to date. His laid-back style creates chill vibes, reminiscent of a warm Summer’s day. We look forward to hearing more from him as he continues to experiment and find his sound.
Instagram: @igbenosullivan

A Kay – Cool Runnings

Genre: Hip-Hop / R&B
County: Dublin
Frosted Fact: 2019 saw the emergence of A Kay, the younger brother of Jessy Rose, formerly of Hare Squead. Since dropping his debut track, “Rollin’”, he has remained consistent with a series of singles leading up to his first EP entitled “Jungle”, which is available now. Despite his young age, he appears to have found a clear lane for himself and is driving forward at full speed. At this rate, there is no limit to what he can achieve in 2020.
Instagram: @14akay

Tomike – Need To Go

Genre: R&B / Soul
County: Dublin
Frosted Fact: Despite only releasing her first track in April last year, Tomike has already tasted success. Her most popular song, “You Don’t Really Rate Me”, has racked up over 85,000 listens on Spotify alone. In addition, she played her first international gig at Bahrain Fashion Week and even performed for the former U.S. Vice President, Hillary Clinton, when she came to visit Dublin. The future is bright for this rising star.
Instagram: @tomike_j

7th Obi – Holly Road

Genre: Hip-Hop / Trap 
County: Waterford
Frosted Fact: 7th Obi really made a name for himself after releasing “Taxi Club”, a project that saw him link up with LHK, an outstanding producer also from Waterford. His Auto-Tuned ethereal sound is similar to that of Travis Scott’s, but he paves the way for this style within the Ireland. Remember the name.
Instagram: @7thobi

EeDdAaYy – Cat Food (Let Me Know)

Genre: Hip-Hop 
County: Dublin
Frosted Fact: EeDdAaYy is the founder of Rejektz, a collective of creatives that host urban events and more. He is a man of many talents, with a skillset ranging from photography, graphic design, videography, editing and of course, tearing up a beat. With an EP loading, expect to hear more from him very soon.
Instagram: @eeddaayy

Sequence Ft. JugJug – Pimpin’

Genre: Trap / Drill
County: Westmeath / Galway
Frosted Fact: In 2018, Sequence dropped his debut EP entitled “Take Time”, which is exactly what he did in 2019. He took a break to focus on the development New Eire Tv, a platform that he built and creates the content for. However, he has finally returned with the “Misunderstood” EP as he hopes to spark the resurgence of his own musical career. Watch this space.
Instagram: @kiingsequence & @jug2juggy

Sourfruit – Candlelight

Genre: Alternative Pop
County: Dublin
Frosted Fact: Sourfruit are a part of the Gonzo Collective, which is a group of artists, musicians and filmmakers. Together, they form the perfect team for producing high-quality, unique projects, such as the music videos for “Save the Bees” and “Vesuvio”. They certainly don’t lack creativity, helping them to stand out amongst the crowd. Hopefully they’ll treat us to more visuals for this release.
Instagram: @sourfruitmusic