Lucan lyricist, UD

FaR Collective’s UD makes the “Frosted Beats” cover this week following the release of his debut EP, “Fruitless Grapevine”. Check out the playlist and give it a follow to keep on top of the burgeoning Irish urban scene. Updated weekly, it is the ultimate curation of the coldest sounds from across the country.

Raised in Lucan, Dublin, UD is quickly becoming one of the most differentiated, diverse and exciting artists to come out of Ireland. He has a lot to say but numerous ways of saying it. He is not bound by a single genre, flowing seamlessly between Pop, R&B, Afro, Hip-Hop and Rock. By fusing together all his influences, UD has managed to cultivate a unique sound that is hard to fit in a box.

As a founding member of the ever-present FaR Collective, UD is a part of a pool of promising talent with which he works with on a frequent basis. In fact, he first emerged in early 2019 after collaborating with some of the group for his first single, “Independent”, accruing over 30,000 streams without major playlisting. Since then, he has gone from strength to strength, taking his music to new heights. He has garnered buzz from his energetic and engaging live shows, building a cult-like following in the process. 

His emotive EP revolves around turning potential into results, and this is exactly what he has managed to do with his debut effort. It encapsulates everything that intrigues us about him; elegant lyricism, infectious hooks, an interesting voice and a fluid approach to genres. It even includes a feature from the well-known Chicago MC, Mick Jenkins. What more could you want?

In typical UD fashion, he bounces between a range of styles throughout the project. “Orchard” sets the tone with a powerful spoken word piece full of religious imagery before “Cool Kids” switches it up by providing a party anthem. The mellow vibes soon return as the lyrically dense “Laundry” and introspective “Felt” both address insecurities as well as mental health. He then lifts our mood again with the feel-good “Odimma”, which was inspired in part by the 1970’s rock scene in Nigeria, before “432Hz” closes proceedings with 432 hard-hitting bars, highlighting UD’s meticulous attention to detail.

The sheer variety on offer within only six tracks demonstrates UD’s versatility. Through experience and experimentation, he is developing into a force to be reckoned with on the Emerald Isle. The growth he has shown in just one year is testament to both his work ethic as well as his innate musical intelligence. We have no doubts that he has the capability to blow on an international stage, however don’t just take our word for it, kick back, relax and listen to “Fruitless Grapevine” below: