Hazey Haze

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Hazey first emerged in 2015 as part of Same D4Ence, a trio from the Island Field. He released several projects with the group, working with the likes of Naive Ted and Mynameisjon along the way. He also had the opportunity to open for well-known acts Ghostface Killah and Nelly.

In April 2018, he joined PX Music as a solo artist alongside Citrus Fresh, GavinDaVinci, Aswell, Strange Boy and other skilled musicians. Keen to make an instant impact under his new label, he dropped both the “Spillin’ Beans EP” and “The Drug EP” that year. In addition, he featured on the “Somewhere in Ireland” series, a five-part music video directed by Brown Sauce in association with Prescription and SESH FM. His segment proved to be the most popular, racking up over 25,000 views to date. 

He began 2020 with a bang as his debut album entitled “Is Mise” was made available on all streaming services and premiered via The Fader, an established music publication. Totalling 19 tracks, it includes a whole gamut of entertainment from skits to conversations and even the satisfying sound of a glass of milk being poured. Overall, the project is a portfolio of local talent with a diverse range of styles displayed from Hazey as well as his collaborators. It was created using beats from over 10 Irish producers including D.O.K, Mankyy, AKIA, 40 Hurtz, Zissou, Medulla Productions, Daddy’s Girl, Murli Bo, Liv3, Matchbox Youth and more. 

Hazey has gained a reputation for his energetic live performances and so it was only right to take the album on tour. With six shows spanning the length of the country, it has been described as “a modern-day plague, colonising every county it reaches, leaving them with the taste, scent and sound of a young Limericks man’s abrupt tales”. Hazey himself says, “If ye don’t get to see a show of the ‘Is Mise’ tour, you’re missing out on Irish history. Facts.” However, only one gig remains in his hometown, so you’d better act fast!

Hazey’s “Is Mise” nationwide tour

Hazey’s unique, raw, gritty delivery and hard-hitting lyrics encapsulate Limerick City. His work rate is demonstrated through his consistent output whilst his versatility is evident. From party bangers that give you the urge to go on a mad one, to more introspective and relaxed records, he does it all. We look forward to seeing what’s around the corner for him in the future, but for now, give his album a listen below: