Frosted Beats - GAFF

Roscommon’s rising star, Gaff, graces the “Frosted Beats” cover this week following the release of his outstanding single, “ALL DAY”. Check out the playlist and give it a follow to keep on top of the burgeoning Irish urban scene. Updated weekly, it is the ultimate curation of the coldest sounds from across the country.

Gaff is a man of many talents. He began his musical career by producing beats in his bedroom on the west coast of Ireland, however it wasn’t long before he started to incorporate his love for his Fender Stratocaster in his work. This then led him to experiment with his own voice, drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists such as XXXTentacion, King Krule and Tyler, The Creator. Geographically removed from his main influences, Gaff managed to amalgamate their trap and indie styles into a unique, genre fluid sound with an Irish twist.

Gaff and his beloved guitar

Gaff’s first official release came in the Summer of 2019 with “What the Fuck!”, and he hasn’t showed signs of slowing down since. “IDONTEVENPLAYGUITAR”, “Toxic” and “MYPLAN” followed as he built momentum as well as a dedicated fanbase along the way. His relaxed delivery and sun-soaked melodies proved to be infectious, even catching the attention of the popular musical outlet, Lyrical Lemonade.

Staying in the same vein, Gaff’s latest track, “ALL DAY’, features bouncy flows over an instrumental comprised of guitar riffs, 808s and hi-hats. The lyrics mainly focus on his relentless work ethic. Lines like “I think I need a pint” are indicative of his upbringing in rural Ireland, which doesn’t seem to have discouraged him in any way as he croons about his big dreams to finish. The single has already received substantial support and is set to be his most popular yet, with a place on the “New Music Friday UK” Spotify playlist helping him to reach a wider audience. Make sure to give it a listen below:

This budding artist is in a lane of his own within the Emerald Isle, providing a much-welcomed breath of fresh air to the scene. His self-produced, hands-on approach means he has an input into every stage of the creative process, allowing him to craft music that truly represents himself. With an album imminent, the only way is up. Watch this space.